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We are search firm that has been delivering top talent to our clients for years. We are a recruitment team of seasoned professionals who have a passion for helping organizations meet their strategic goals through the recruitment of exceptional people.

We take a consultative approach to every search, identifying and developing solutions that best fit the needs of our clients and candidates. Our expertise in recruiting professionals across all industries enables us to deliver quality solutions that exceed expectations.

Our candidates receive personal attention from the beginning of the process through their new role. We have no hidden fees or costs associated with our professional services and we are committed to delivering results that make a difference in your organization’s bottom line!

Providing discreet executive search & staffing solutions to discerning companies and non-profits 

Source the Best Talent for Your Florida Company

Hiring for a new position or a new team? A professional recruiting firm can help you find the best candidates to fill your Florida job openings.

There are a number of ways that hiring the right person can benefit your organization. From increasing employee productivity to building morale and improving customer service, finding the right candidate can have far-reaching effects on your company. our recruiting services will help you find the best person for the job, so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Benefits of a Professional Search Firm in Florida:

The Right Candidate for the Job – The first priority when conducting an executive search is finding someone who is the best fit for the position and culture of your company. This requires extensive research into both your business and industry as well as candidates’ skillsets and experience levels. A professional Florida executive recruiting firm will know how to conduct this kind of research to ensure they provide you with qualified applicants who meet all of your needs.

The Right Culture Fit – Culture fit isn’t just important because it’s good for morale — it’s also good for business! Employees who fit well within their company’s culture tend to be more productive and happier overall than those who don’t.


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We Find Candidates With The Right Skill Set For Your Positions

Executive Search is a full-service recruitment firm specializing in placing top-level professionals in the healthcare, real estate, financial services, financial executives and biotechnology industries. We have been working in the recruiting industry with our clients for years to help them find candidates they need to succeed.

We understand that each client has different needs, which means we offer customized solutions. Our clients want to know that they are getting exactly what they want from their search firm. That’s why we take the time to listen and understand what our clients need before we begin working on their behalf.

Our goal is always to find candidates who are the best fit for a position. We don’t just find someone who will fill an open position; we find people who will actually thrive in the role and make a real difference for your organization!

We Provide Onsite Testing Options

Our onsite testing options provide the best way to understand how a recruiting candidates will fit into your company culture, and what they are capable of doing. Our human resources can advise you on which tests are most appropriate for the position you are trying to fill.

The following are some of the tests available:

•  Personality Test – This test is designed to measure a person’s personality style and provide insights into how they work best. It is an effective tool for recruitment strategy as it helps companies identify the right candidates for their organization.

•  Cognitive Ability Test – This test measures a person’s logical reasoning skills and ability to learn quickly. It can be used to assess candidates’ suitability for a range of roles including sales, management and technical jobs.

•  Employee Attitude Test – This test measures an employee’s attitude towards their job and work environment. It provides an insight into how they might respond in different situations such as change or when faced with conflict at work.

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Executive Search Definition

When you hear the term “executive search,” you might think of executive recruiters or best recruiting firms. These are businesses that help companies find qualified candidates for open positions, usually at the executive level.

In Florida, there are many executive search firms that can help you find the right person for your company. These firms work with a variety of businesses, from small startups to large corporations. They have a deep understanding of the Florida job market and can connect you with the best candidates for your open position.

If you’re looking for executive talent in Florida, working with an executive search firm is a great way to find the right fit for your company. These firms have the experience and expertise to help you find the best candidates for your open positions. our sales recruiting help companies find qualified candidates for executive-level positions.

These businesses usually have a deep understanding of the job market in their area and can connect you with the best candidates for your open position. best recruiting & staffing agency are businesses that help companies find qualified candidates for open positions. These firms often work with a variety of businesses, from small startups to large corporations.

They have a deep understanding of the job in local market and can connect you with the best executive for your open position. Florida best recruiters are executive search firms that focus on finding talent in Florida. These firms have a deep understanding of the Florida job market and can help you find the right fit for your company.

Find Skilled Workers and Job Opportunities Today

Search. co is a great resource for finding skilled workers and job search opportunities in your area. We can help you find exactly what you need to make sure your business runs smoothly. Whether you’re looking for a new employee or need a part-time employee, we can help to connecting job seekers.

Our goal is simple: we want to make it easier for companies like yours to find the right people in their industry and get them on board with your company as quickly as possible.

We know that finding skilled employees can be difficult, and we have the experience to help you do it! We have access to a network of over 200,000 professionals from around the world, so no matter what country or language you’re looking for, we’ll have someone who can help. Our platform is designed to do just that: match employers with skilled workers who are the exact fit for their available positions. We do this through a combination of advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms, so we can personalize each right candidate’s profile based on the needs of the employer’s job openings.

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We Ensure That All Applicants Meet Federal Requirements for Employment

At Florida Executive Search, we ensure that all applicants meet federal requirements for employment. To do so, we perform a thorough vetting process. We check references, verify education and employment history, and conduct a criminal background check.

After completing our vetting process, we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings. As part of this, we provide a profile of each candidate we recommend for consideration. This profile includes information about the candidate’s skills, experience and qualifications. We also include any pertinent information about their work history — including any gaps in employment or disciplinary actions related to their performance or behavior on the job.

Our goal is to match each candidate with your specific needs so that you can make an informed decision about who is right for your company or organization.

The Right People Make the Difference

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service possible while treating both our clients and candidates with respect, courtesy and professionalism. We do this by listening carefully to our clients’ needs, understanding their corporate culture and establishing long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.

We have an impressive track record of success in matching top talent with some of the most successful companies in the country. Our unique approach to executive search focuses on finding the right person for each position rather than simply filling open positions quickly or efficiently. The right people make all the difference!

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Aligned Incentives

Our contingency-based services deliver qualified candidates to some of your most pressing and important open positions. In doing so, we align incentives structures, ensuring a compensation structure based on merit and completion of placement objectives.

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How Our Executive Search Services Are Different

Experienced Operators

We speak the language of the C-suite, giving us a competitive advantage in how we source, court and close your open positions. We have sat in the executive chair, but we are also experts in filling the large shoes that are so critical for your organization.

Customer Satisfaction

With over a decade sourcing candidates for some of the most lucrative available positions at the C-level, we hold an unparalleled customer satisfaction rating among our clientele who regularly return again and again.

People Over Profits

Business is all about people. We build bridges of understanding by delivering expert results for our clients again and again. The future of our business is dependent on our relationships, which we hold in the highest regard.

Why Outsource Executive Search?

Confidentiality when sourcing top executive talent is almost always non-negotiable. We act as the buffer between candidates, competitors and your company. 

While internal recruiters can be effective, the expanded experience of an extended team with decades of combined experience can be invaluable to your executive search team. 

The supply of the highest level executive talent is often obscured and more difficult to find. Our team helps provide scale and scope for finding the absolute best candidate. 

Many hands make light work. Our clients are able to source and close their top-level positions more than 40% faster by engaging with our executive search team. 

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Why We Have Repeat Customers

“We have worked with the team at Search.co on numerous director, VP and C-level placements. Their professionalism is impeccable, their communication is stellar and the quality of the candidates they source is the best we have seen. It’s the main reason we use them exclusively for our outside talent search.”

Chuck G.

Mid-market Executive

“Thanks to Ryan and all the Search.co team for truly delivering on their promises on our need for a new CEO. We were between a rock and a hard place and the speed, efficiency and quality of the candidates they sourced allowed us to find the right individual within just a couple of weeks!”

James R.

Mid-market Executive

“This process with Search.co has always been phenomenal. They have a very tight and controlled internal system that has impressed us enough that we use them for every talent sourcing need above the director level. Would highly recommend the team. “

Sandra W.

Mid-market Executive

Frequently asked questions

Our team has served at the executive level for organizations, but we have been sourcing executives for clients since 2010. 

No. We align our incentives with your incentives by taking on engagements that are contingency only on an exclusive basis. 

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