The sustainability of our planet is essential to the long-term survival of humanity. As CEOs and board members, it’s vital that we steer our organizations towards a future that is more ecologically sustainable – one that is not only good for the environment, but also profitable.

At sustainability, we provide the resources and support needed to make this happen.

Organizations are constantly trying to achieve a remarkable feat- making money while still being beneficial to the environment and communities. However, in order for this idea to come into fruition, business leaders across the board must work together and promote sustainability in Their field of work. Our company offers support during every milestone of an organization's journey; We do this by finding areas where they lack leadership skills then teach them how to properly manage their team while keeping culture, strategy, and operations alive.

Sustainability has become vital for businesses’ success. Creating value across all stakeholder groups is essential to a company’s growth and survival. We help organizations worldwide implement strategies that consider the well-being of people and planet. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to be a sustainability leader and how to create lasting value for all.

Leaders everywhere are starting to see how important sustainability is, but many don’t know how to incorporate sustainable thinking and practices into key areas like people, products, processes, partners, and profits. RRA can help clients understand the talent they need to build their short-, medium- and long-term strategies, and get leaders on board with the sustainability vision.

Sustainability is key to unlocking greater social and financial value for organizations. By embedding sustainability across their operations, companies can access more favorable financing, attract top talent, unlock new market opportunities, and grow their customer base. We can help you co-create a sustainable future so you can realize the full value of your organization.

Sustainability and ESG-focused functions are critical for embedding a new perspective for assessing and transforming company strategy, operations and culture. But not everyone has the right skillset and attributes to succeed in this role. Our groundbreaking research with the UNGC revealed the five core attributes needed to be a sustainable leader – and we ensure that the person leading your sustainability work can deliver across these dimensions and has the required functional expertise.


of our successful board candidates were women in 2020


of F250 companies have a senior leader with a sustainability mandate


of F250 companies have a C-suite level leader with a sustainability mandate


of global companies are implementing sustainability in their operations*

How we can help

Our sustainability specialists offer a full range of talent solutions, including organizational design, assessment and succession, talent acquisition, leadership development and rewards and benefits consulting. We help you build a disruptive sustainability function that’s ready to focus the business on an environmental and social agenda, shifting your operating model and ways of working to deliver a competitive advantage. We work with you to build the business case for why sustainability is important to your organization. We also help you establish KPIs and metrics to track progress, as well as create processes and protocols for embedding sustainability into your organization’s DNA. Most importantly, we help you attract, develop and retain the very best sustainability talent so that you can achieve your long-term goals.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you address:

The demand for talent in sustainability functions is high, and organizations are increasingly looking for candidates that can lead their ESG efforts into the future. However, many companies have underinvested in sustainability for years, leaving them with a talent pool that may not be well-equipped to meet these new demands. We can help your organization ensure that you have the talent aligned with your purpose and values that you need to move forward with your social and environmental strategies. Our services include:

-Creating a common language and framework for understanding talent that ensures alignment between business strategies and sustainability efforts, including your values and purpose.

-Identifying the traits, drivers, competencies, and experience that are linked to success in sustainability-related roles.

Sustainable organizations need leaders who are visionary and inspiring, with the ability to forecast what’s coming next and collaborate with multiple stakeholders. Our consultants work with you to assess your high potentials’ strengths and skill gaps, design a training program to develop leadership and soft skills, and ensure new hires are a cultural match by reviewing their leadership competencies, personality traits and commitment to your purpose. This way, you can be confident you have the resilient leaders necessary to accelerate progress towards your sustainability goals.

Sustainability and ESG only succeed when your leaders and workforce are highly engaged and dedicated. To succeed in sustainability, you must embed ESG in every team’s purpose. We work with employees at all levels of your organization, ensuring that everyone recognizes how their work affects your organization’s mission to become more sustainable. When an employee’s inner purpose aligns with your organization’s broader purpose, it unlocks their motivation to perform, innovate and grow. We work with you to:

Define a purpose, mission and vision that aligns with your organization’s culture and business goals

Create long-term ESG and carbon neutrality goals

Advise leadership on how to foster a mindset that supports

It is difficult to get the balance between rewards that are incentivizing, fair and transparent. If your employees do not perceive their rewards as fair, they will be disengaged and will not follow through on their commitments. A reward strategy that aligns with your business imperatives and values, and that is well understood, is what delivers engagement and business results. We can help you build a reward structure that drives performance and rewards people for their contributions. Our services include:

-Ensuring your rewards program creates followership and overcomes short-term thinking

-Creating a reward framework that meets the needs and expectations of employees at different phases in their employee lifecycle

-Making sure employees understand the big picture behind your compensation

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