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n an era of tremendous societal transformation, not-for-profit organizations provide support and stability for individuals and their communities.

These mission-driven institutions create equitable opportunities for all, leverage funds and resources for critical social programs and initiatives, and ensure at-risk and underserved individuals are not left behind. The value of not-for-profits has only intensified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and corresponding progressive social movements.

Because they are truly essential to a fair, high-functioning and equitable society, today’s not-for-profits face a growing need for exceptional leaders. Passionate, driven and talented not-for-profit leadership is vital for managing increasingly complex challenges while keeping organizations focused on their central missions. Without strong executives, nonprofits struggle and thus individuals and communities suffer. CEOs, executive directors and senior teams in the nonprofit sector must be able to envision, develop and execute strategic plans that ensure their organizations can succeed and continue to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Finding the Perfect Match

Search CO’s nonprofit executive search team includes consultants who have served in the sector and know what constitutes leadership success within it. We conduct original research and leverage our contact network to find exceptional candidates who inspire as leaders and find purpose in their work. These are often executives who are not actively seeking new positions but are open to new opportunities that align with their values and personal missions.

We take a personalized and proactive approach as we strive to understand what makes each of our clients special, from foundations to not-for-profit healthcare organizations. Our approach allows us to quickly grasp the dynamics and nuances of organizations, ensuring we match clients with leadership candidates best able to bring their vision to life.

Serving Those Who Serve

Search CO’s not-for-profit executive search clients include:

The Search Process

You need the right person for your open position—someone who believes in your mission and can create the impact you want. Our Executive Search team brings a record of success to each engagement. We work closely with you to understand your needs, vision, and culture.


Discovery & Strategy


Research, Outreach & Screening


Interviewing & Assessment


Selection & Offer

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