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We are a full service executive search firm, providing our clients with the highest caliber of professionals to fill their critical roles. We take the time to understand your business and culture, so we can recruit the very best talent for your organization.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the areas of accounting and finance, engineering, information technology, legal, manufacturing, marketing and sales. We also have a strong presence in human resources with expertise in recruiting for middle management and senior level positions as well as mid-size companies with up to 500 employees.

Our commitment to client satisfaction has led us to become one of Tulsa’s most successful executive search firms. We have built a reputation for honesty and integrity that is second to none. Our consultants are committed to making sure that each candidate we present fits within your corporate culture while also being able to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Providing discreet executive search & staffing solutions to discerning companies and non-profits 

Source the Best Talent for Your Tulsa, Oklahoma Company

At Search.co, we use our experience and expertise to help companies identify and recruit highly skilled professionals. We specialize in executive search and interim management services for clients across all industries.

We believe that finding the right candidate is a challenge that requires intelligence, experience, and expertise. Our team of expert recruiters has decades of experience hiring top executives in a wide range of industries. We know what it takes to find the best talent and how to present them in the most favorable light to your company.

Search.co works with both large companies and small businesses throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma who are looking for top-level executives. 

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We Find Candidates With The Right Skill Set For Your Positions

Our recruiters conduct extensive searches to identify candidates who have the skills and experience necessary to succeed in your organization.

We work closely with you to understand your company culture and business objectives, so that we can find individuals who will be a good fit for your organization. We also help you assess candidates based on their fit within your organization, so that you can make confident hiring decisions quickly and effectively.

Our consultants bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to each search assignment, which allows us to provide valuable insights into how an individual will perform in their new role at your company. This helps ensure that we select the right candidate for your position from start to finish — from identifying potential candidates to negotiating compensation packages with them once they accept an offer.

We Provide Onsite Testing Options

Tulsa Executive Search offers onsite testing options for our client companies as well as for job candidates who are interested in working with us as they look for new employment opportunities. This can include professional assessments such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Hogan Assessments or other similar tests that are designed to better understand your personality or work style in order to determine if you are a good fit for certain types of positions within our client organizations.

 If you would like more information about onsite testing options from Tulsa Executive Search, please visit our website at search.co

We Ensure That All Applicants Meet Federal Requirements for Employment

We understand the importance of ensuring that all applicants meet federal requirements for employment. Our executive search firm partners with you to ensure that every applicant meets these requirements before they are hired and begins working at your company. This way, you can be confident that your organization is complying with all federal regulations, including those related to identity theft, illegal immigration, discrimination and other important issues.

The best way to ensure that you are hiring only those applicants who meet federal requirements for employment is by using a professional executive search firm. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire recruitment process so that they can feel confident about every candidate who applies for their open positions.

The Right People Make the Difference

At Tulsa Executive Search, we’re dedicated to finding and placing the most talented executives in the world. We’re not interested in rushing through our work or cutting corners. That’s not how we do business. We take our time and focus on getting to know each and every candidate so that we can match them with the perfect role and employer.

What sets us apart is that we don’t just find candidates — we also offer ongoing career development services to help them build their skill set so they can continue to succeed long after they’ve joined their new company!.

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Aligned Incentives

Our contingency-based services deliver qualified candidates to some of your most pressing and important open positions. In doing so, we align incentives structures, ensuring a compensation structure based on merit and completion of placement objectives.

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How Our Executive Search Services Are Different

Experienced Operators

We speak the language of the C-suite, giving us a competitive advantage in how we source, court and close your open positions. We have sat in the executive chair, but we are also experts in filling the large shoes that are so critical for your organization.

Customer Satisfaction

With over a decade sourcing candidates for some of the most lucrative available positions at the C-level, we hold an unparalleled customer satisfaction rating among our clientele who regularly return again and again.

People Over Profits

Business is all about people. We build bridges of understanding by delivering expert results for our clients again and again. The future of our business is dependent on our relationships, which we hold in the highest regard.

Why Outsource Executive Search?

Confidentiality when sourcing top executive talent is almost always non-negotiable. We act as the buffer between candidates, competitors and your company. 

While internal recruiters can be effective, the expanded experience of an extended team with decades of combined experience can be invaluable to your executive search team. 

The supply of the highest level executive talent is often obscured and more difficult to find. Our team helps provide scale and scope for finding the absolute best candidate. 

Many hands make light work. Our clients are able to source and close their top-level positions more than 40% faster by engaging with our executive search team. 

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Why We Have Repeat Customers

“We have worked with the team at Search.co on numerous director, VP and C-level placements. Their professionalism is impeccable, their communication is stellar and the quality of the candidates they source is the best we have seen. It’s the main reason we use them exclusively for our outside talent search.”

Chuck G.

Mid-market Executive

“Thanks to Ryan and all the Search.co team for truly delivering on their promises on our need for a new CEO. We were between a rock and a hard place and the speed, efficiency and quality of the candidates they sourced allowed us to find the right individual within just a couple of weeks!”

James R.

Mid-market Executive

“This process with Search.co has always been phenomenal. They have a very tight and controlled internal system that has impressed us enough that we use them for every talent sourcing need above the director level. Would highly recommend the team. “

Sandra W.

Mid-market Executive

Frequently asked questions

Our team has served at the executive level for organizations, but we have been sourcing executives for clients since 2010. 

No. We align our incentives with your incentives by taking on engagements that are contingency only on an exclusive basis. 

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